24 julio, 2024
  • It is a family hotel, has 26 rooms, at that time when they began to undertake the hotel they only had 12 rooms and over time they were enlarging and thus they already have more rooms, the hotel they attend with more frequency are the surfers
 • Bedrooms Carpeted and with large capacity (up to 6 people), Fan, Cable TV and all with modern and comfortable bathrooms specially designed for your comfort.
  • Accommodation Includes the Super Costa Del Mar Breakfast, an abundant breakfast in the style of the big hotels, free parking, Wifi. Optionally you can also request the half board service. • Restaurant You can enjoy lunch and dinner with a menu specially prepared by our international chef Zaida, in addition to the cafeteria service with artisan pastry that is offered during the day.
  • The spaces used:

Hospitality: We take care that all the rooms to put a little input and output, we also take care of the rules of coexistence to the hotel and each room. We also take care of check-in and check-out (entry and exit of guests)

• Reception: The registration of the guests is done in Excel and for the guests who attend the most followed they are registered in a file.

• Laundry: We saw how the towels, towels, sheets, etc. are washed. Between all the washing is used approximately 15 minutes time.

• Room Service: We were seeing that the rooms have towels, towels, soaps, fan, earrings if it is missing some things more than the sheets and quilts are well arranged.

• AA & BB Department: We help the kitchen to serve breakfast, lunch and finally the snack.

• Buttons: Sash or baggage handler we had the opportunity that at the time of being in receptions, guests came and we were in charge of transporting the luggage from the vehicle of the client of the hotel, to the room.

• Housekeeping: We take care of the cleaning of the rooms.

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