23 junio, 2024


The author of book is Gina D.B. Clemen. The most important characters :

Bill Martin: was a tall, handsome eighteen-year-old boy with brown hair and blue eyes, and bascketball was his sport. He had just graduated with honors from Portola Point High School and planned to attend the University of Southern California in los Angeles in September.
Michelle Martin: the sister of Bill, was a cut girl of seventeen , with read hair and blue eyes. She was in her senior year at high school, and wanted to become a journalist. She loved reading and solving mysteries.
Nick Chan: their good friend from Montego Bay , Florida , had just graduated from high school too. He was Chinese-American boy of eighteen and he was a bascketball player too. Nick was an excellent student and had won a schorlarship to study veterinary medicine at Columbia University in New York City.
Professor Stefan Morescu: who taught East European History at the university and was in charge of the big show at the museum. Was a tall , thin man of about fifty with pale skin , long grey hair and small glasses, he rarely smiled of laughed. He was born in Eastern Europe and was a famous professor and author.
The main conflict is : A diamond is exhibited in a museum in New York at the exhibition, «Eastern Europe and Vampires». Nick has summer work at the museum. One night the diamond disappears and a guard dies. The terror appears in the city and Nick and his friends begin to investigate.
Genre: Police-Horror



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