21 junio, 2024


Ecological hotels and the new green offer for tourism.

“Green” hotels are those that comply with the appropriate regulations and respect the environment.

The commitment to the environment is starting to be noticed in the hotel sector, although there is a massive offer of possibilities to enjoy a pleasant stay and in contact with nature, already exist some chains and small companies that bet for a quality of life natural.

Advantages of ecological hotels

? They respect the environment and the landscape of the area without altering it in the least.

? Efficient use of energy and water.

? Use of materials and food respectful of nature and the visitor.

? Diffusion of the advantages of the use of solar panels, recycled paper, beverages and organic foods and optimization of water and energy resources.

The most important thing of a ecological hotel is to comply with the current regulations and, above all, to respect the landscape of the place without altering it or causing damage. This system is more expensive than a traditional constructions, but this difference is amortized over approximately ten years, at wich time greater positive results are abtained than with a conventional system.

List of featured Green hotels

  • Hotel Posada del Valle (Asturias). The shampoo they offer is biodegradable.
  • Hotel Venus Albir (Alicante). (Walls made of thermo-clay, cotton sheets and the painting is ecological).
  • Landgasthaus Ruedihus (Switzerland). Soaps and organic decoration.
  • Lebbiano (Italy).
  • Fairmont Hotels (United States). It has energy save appliances.
  • Calamoresca (Argentina).
  • Hasselbacken (Sweden). Furnished with cotton, wood and wool.

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