20 mayo, 2024

English is the international language without any doubts. Most people in the world speak at least a few words of it. If someone travels to anywhere in the world and does not know the specific language which is spoken there, it does not matter!! English can be spoken!!!

If anyone wants to get a good job, English is required. If we talk about Hostelry, English is essencial. It is, even today, the most spoken language of the entire world. Most of all, as Hostelry is afforded by international travellers who, in order to communicate,  need a common code of communication and understanding, they all speak English, which is not an official world language, but it is in practice.

Therefore, it is essencial to learn English while studying Hostelry, in order to be able to communicate with other cultures and fulfill the requirements of the clients of a hotel in the best possible manner.


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