17 julio, 2024
This information  was extracted from the «research students» in design and communication of Palermo´s  University . The reader may get the opportunity to learn more about public relations or public relations. How was born the process of evolution dating back to antiquity and today is quite old and in the beginning of a long path of growth and consolidation.
A along time people have sought the way strengthen their interpersonal relationships; for this formed a new technique of social communication. This discipline transformed mass media and regenerates them for the proper functioning of the different audiences.
Public relations are more and more present in the media and by commonly, in our daily lives.
These are becoming more popular, applied and his intervention in the labor field is constantly growing, therefore, it is necessary to have a more focuse look at your growth and meet career since his inception to the present day in which our country is one of the Latin American countries most advanced in the process of giving them to the public relations the place that corresponds.
Today, public relations  are fundametal in an organization inside and outside this, since much emphasis is given to forge good communicative ties both intermente and extarmente, and this practice is most suitable to carry out such actions in a correct way. Public relations not only are currently responsible for organising events or presenting a good image, it can be said that is something many more intregal is a practice that encompasses the smallest details inside and outside a company.

Public Relations  can insert to our daily lives, on the bases of the personality are present in everything: from the way in which we plan our image to how we communicate with other people and society, got its start in what communicate and how we produce it based their theme on ethics and honesty, we seek to publicize aspects that we ensure and ratify as individuals worthy of dazzle and strive every day for keep same
posture earlier, what companies wanted was to emphasize production tasks, but today its acquiring more sales, as it passed a market offer one of dem

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