23 junio, 2024


  • Accomodation: flojamiento
  • Brochure: folleto
  • City Center: centro de la ciudad
  • Cruise: crucero
  • Flight: vuelo
  • Guide: guía.
  • Travel Agent: agente de ventas.
  • Tourism Agency: agencia de turismo.
  • Travel: viajar
  • Sightseeing tour: visita guiada.


  • I am looking for accomodation in Hawaii.
  • I have a Disney brochure.
  • I go to the City Center because I need to buy souvenirs for my family.
  • The advantage of traveling on a cruise is having all inclusive.
  • My flight is delayed.
  • I want to know the history of Colon Theater, I need a guide.
  • I hire a travel agent for my trip to Disney.
  • At a Tourism Agency I can find the best offers.
  • I love traveling.
  • I do a sightseeing tour in Barcelona.



From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Introducing ourselves

Dear Colleagues from London:

We are very pleased to introduce ourselves to you. We are Juliana Argentini, Sales Manager, Antonella Bettio, Human Resources Manager and Johanna Kot, Manager of Public Relations from Juantojo Tourism Agency from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are responsable for the Sales Area and Management of the Agency. Normally we plan packages to the United States and Europe and we handle the whole agencyWe start to work at 10:00 am and we finish our day depending on the work of the day, usually at 11:00 Pm twice a week, Or we leave at 8:00 pm every day. What we like most is selling the packages and planning the complete trip. And what we do not like is when we are disappointed by the services of other companies that we hire.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

Juantojo Tourism Agency

San Martin 3512, Vicente López, Buenos Aires Argentina

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