14 julio, 2024

Documentation for the export of Lemons Introduction: In the following work will explain the procedure of an export of lemons, each of the necessary documents and the certificate of the intervening agency in this case SENASA.   Commercial invoice: It is the basic agreement and the payment condition of the seller to the buyer. This document contains all relevant information related to the transaction. Adolescent employees use this document to determine the rights and taxes on the goods of the shipment. Certificates of Origin: These are the origin states of the products that are exported. This document is required by some countries or by the terms of a letter of credit to verify the country of origin. A local chamber of commerce may certify and seal this document, if necessary. There is a standard component, but some countries have a specific form that they require for existing free trade agreements. Formal Budget: It is a budget tracking for an investigation. This document is not required, but is often used to track a potential buyers budget request. All information on all aspects of the transaction is disclosed to the potential buyer. Proforma Invoice: Refers to a budget in invoice format. This document is not always necessary, but is often used by buyers to support a request for a letter of credit and / or import license. Bill of lading: This is a contract between the shipper and the carrier. Bill of lading may be a non-negotiable or negotiable bill of lading, sometimes called a bill of lading. The client usually needs the original or a copy as proof of ownership to take possession of the property. Packing List: This details the contents of each package, this document includes the weights, measures and detailed contents of each package. It must be attached to the outside of a package. This document is used by carriers to determine freight costs. Senders Instruction Card: This letter includes the companys instructions to your freight agent. This is typically a multiform used to instruct the transport agency.

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