18 mayo, 2024

The public relations known as PR are responsible for:

  • Interpret and design comprehensive communication plans according to the needs of the public with critical and strategic thinking.
  • Colaborate between an organization and his public to make them understand, acts as a link, a link that brings brand to his audience.
  • Achieve a healthy organizational climate.
  • Develop a Corporative Imagine , to take a  credible reference  to the society.
  • Analyze advice and propose changes against possible conflicts that may result in the institution inside or outside.

It is an innovative discipline that is essential in the workplace as in the options to choose in college careers, managing to highlight the importance of this; in all types of organizations and companies.Liaisons are fundamental inside the Constitution and constant construction for its proper communication, respect and knowledge of the needs and internal and external characteristics between two organizations or individuals that outcomes are productive and continuous progress.

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