16 junio, 2024

It is indispensable for a country to increase its exports, the use of the sales force of large, medium and small companies. In Argentina, 750 exporters (of a standard of approximately 10,000) represent more than 90% of sales abroad.



There are countries where small and medium-sized enterprises occupy a central place (eg Italy, with a share of more than 50% in total exports, or Korea and Taiwan, with shares in excess of 40%). A winning team must necessarily involve PyMeX (small and medium-sized exporting companies), and our country has an internal debt to these, when they are precisely those that must add more value to be competitive (generate more employment for every dollar exported) and Distributed throughout the vast Argentine territory (unlike large companies that are concentrated mainly in the main urban conglomerates).

We have lost 2500 exporters in the last two years, mostly micro, small and medium enterprises. If you want to export more you have to recover them and try to expand your sales. If it is possible to make small purchases online to individuals or stores in the United States and China, (first and second economy of the planet, respectively), why Argentines can not sell our products abroad in the same way ?. Until now, there was no mechanism to allow entrepreneurs to sell abroad without falling into the usual process.


The Exporta Simple

1- It is a simplified export system that has already been implemented in other Latin American countries since 1999 under the name ExportaFácil.
2- For goods produced in the country, for up to u $ s 15,000 per operation and 300 kg. Gross, and up to US $ 600,000 per year. Exclusions of certain goods or operations are foreseen.
3-The logistics must be done through first line Postal / Courier Service Providers, who on behalf of the subjects will make the corresponding declaration.
4- The operations have export incentives and pay export duties.
5- The implementation schedule will be announced at www.afip.gov.ar/exportasimple and on the website of the Ministry of Production.


1-Take care that the Regime is not distorted. The ceiling of US $ 15,000 and 300Kg gross per operation exceeds that of neighboring countries, where the limit in kilos is 30Kg and the dollar limit is significantly lower (Colombia: u $ s 2000, Uruguay u $ s 3500, Peru and Ecuador U $ s 5000).
2- Facilitate the obtaining of certificates of third agencies necessary for the simplified export.
3- The BCRA should dictate Communications that support collections by electronic payment means such as PayPal and Dineromail.

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