14 julio, 2024

September 22, the worker of the company «Jumbo Retail» Nicolas Bruno, Suffered an industrial accident in which a cut happened to him in the head on which 5 stitches should have met to him, did not receive any indemnification, but the Insurer of Risks of Work (ART) «Province» covered the sick benefits, as well as its not worn out days
In the morning of Saturday, the 22nd of September of the year 2012, the employee Nicolas was in charge of emptying a truck of products of the sector of bazaar, bundles in which it was moving, vases, carameleras, and glass bottles, after depositing the merchandise, must be mounted in a wall of the deposit, «Rack» located to approximately 10 meters high, for it there is necessary «bar rudder», one schemes that is used to move and to raise merchandise, for its the equipment of a helmet is necessary (to avoid possible accidents) and the personnel must be qualified and to be provided with the appropriate record, approving the corresponding examination of the Institute Argentino de Seguridad
On having come to the assigned wall, Nicolas begins raising the mere Seguridad. cadería without warning that there was a free bottle, in the top part of bundle, carelessly of the reception personnel, and after the merchandise is not fixed to assure its stability and to avoid the possible destruction on having risen. For blind confidence and without considering the risks Nicolas had not put the corresponding helmet, and a hole in the apartment provoked a sudden movement of the machine in which the free bottle aprox key. 8 meters high affecting the head of the worker causing an unconsciousness to the worker in 8 seconds, on having recovered, it could see as a partner was taking it in shoulders to the infirmary of the place, where it was bandaged, and the nurse communicated automatically with the ART, who at once named him by the clinic that was corresponding to him for the area of the place. To assure the rapidity of the transfer, the manager of the place of Jumbo, I order to take Nicolas in a remis to the clinic, this way they might save themselves the time of waiting of the ambulance. On having come to the University Hospital of Under Flowers, diverse studies were done to the worker to make sure that there should no be internal damages in the head, for fortune it was only a cut what tapeworm, so immediately it was sutured and given in rest for 10 days, must present every 3 to him to control in the same clinic, for a pursuit of the case, in the third consultation the points of the suture moved back from him, and tests were realized to him to see if it was suitable to return to the work, on having spent them, it was discharged, and it worked again, Covering so the ART with the medical expenses and the salary of these 10 days not worked by mister Nicolas Bruno.

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