22 julio, 2024

ATABLE EVENT: In the case of bat. Se refer to what the swedish legislatura recode in tve case of export, the taxable amount the expirtation to consumption. Indeterminate time.

TAXABLE TIME: Is the moment in which it is realized it realuzes an officialialisation.

TAX BASE ON EXPORTS: It is the actual Value paid or payable, it is the cost of the Fob value

ALICUOT: It is percentaje to be applied and is regulated by the ministry of economi and applied by dogma.


Export right

AD VALOREM: Is the one whose amount is opted by the aplication of a porcentag on the taxable value of tve merchandise ormuf aplicable, oficial Fob price.

SPECIFIC : Is the one whose amount is obtained by the aplication of a fexedsum of. Money for each unit of mea surement.

ADDITIONAL RIGHTS: From the point of view of trade defense in international trade, some practices considered as unfair are considered :ejem. Damping, subcidios, when a country.

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