21 junio, 2024

Job interview

A company is looking for a new secretary. The department of human resource are responsable for that.



Selector: Hello, I am George Harrison. You must be miss Smith, right?

Candidate: You are right, I am Laurel Smith. Nice to meet you sir.

Selector: Nice to meet you too. Okay, I readed your curriculum and I would like to know how would you describe yourself.

Candidate: I am a creative thinker. I like to explore alternative solutions to problemas a have an open mind about what will work better. Also I’m a extremely organized person, I pay attention to all details.

Selector: And why do you want this job?

Candidate: Because I have admired this company’s successful strategies and mission for years. Your emphasis on creating a relationship between your company and the surronding community have brought you success everywhere you have opened an office. These are values I greatly admire.

Selector: I see that you know our Company very well. And tell me, what are your salary expectations?

Candidate: I think if this is the right job for me, I am sure we can come to an agreement on salary

Selector: How do you handle stress?

Candidate: Pressure is very important to me. Good pressure, such as having a lot of assignments to work on, or an upcoming deadline, helps me to stay motivated and productive. Of course, there are times when too much pressure can lead to stress; however, I am very skilled at balancing multiple projects and meeting deadlines, which prevents me from feeling stressed often. For example, I once had three large projects due in the same week, which was a lot of pressure. However, because I created a schedule that detailed how I would break down each project into small assignments, I completed all three projects ahead of time and avoided unnecessary stress.

Selector: We’re interested on your curriculum miss Smith. If you’re the person we want, we’ll call you soon.

Candidate: Thank you for your time sir, have a nice day.

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