23 junio, 2024

The event occurred at the corner of Martin Garcia and Montes de Oca avenue.There was an important toxic leak and ended with the life of a 51-year-old worker. Four other people were poisoned by inhalation and had to be transferred to Argerich Hospital.  Two blocks were evacuated for prevention by the personnel of security and hygiene and environmental security. Several endowments of firefighters, personnel of Civil Defense and a crew of the company Metrogas managed to control the situation. A worker of fifty one years old died from the gas leak that occurred on August 3, 2016 on Wednesday morning in a corner of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Barracas. Alberto Crescenti Manager Emergency Service (SAME)said that two other men who had also suffered cardiorespiratory arrest during the incident could be resuscitated, although they remained in a delicate state. The fact occurred around 10:00 a.m when the workers worked on a well made in the asphalt belt to obturate a pipe in which a loss of gas occurred. According to the director of the Buenos Aires Civil Defense, José Garnica, the incident occurred due to «a leak of gas in a pipe of high pressure underground». «The workers were in a well flooded with gas at high pressure,» said the official, who at around 11:30 said that the situation was controlled and there was no longer any danger for the population. Several hours after the event, Metrogas issued a statement explaining that the incident occurred during «scheduled and routine tasks related to the unlinking of a low pressure service (4») «in which» Produced a loss of gas whose cause is still being analyzed together with the relevant authorities. “In addition, the company said that the situation was «normalized».

Specialists in safety and health and environmental safety recommend that when there is a large gas leak ,mark a safety perimeter evacuates two blocks due to the dispersion of the gas, and the personnel that execute the elaboration have to work with their respective safety elements for a better execution and being out of danger.



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