22 junio, 2024

San Carlos de Bariloche, is a tourist place that is characterized by its incredible climate, its majestic natural beauty and numerous attractions. For this reason, our international hotel chain «Little Rose», has chosen the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, to locate a hotel complex of our brand, which, a few days ago, has started to work with great success.  In the heart of Bariloche, located on Moreno and Villegas streets, the resort «Little Rose», opened its doors on June 1, 2017, with a large attendance by city people and tourists, just two blocks away Of the incredible «Nahuel Huapí Lake».

The complex is developed on a property based on cabins, which, according to the climate and size of the place. With basketball courts, football, tennis for the enjoyment and enjoyment of our guests.

We receive tourists from all over the world, San Carlos de Bariloche is visited mainly by groups of graduates and European tourists, although we are very focused on the English and North American tourist.

We have 15 cabins, which are made in «duplex» format, several in height, so that you can appreciate the incredible Lake Nahuel Huapi, and the view of the entire property. Despite the time and money invested in construction, as a company, we consider it appropriate to «not charge a plus», for having a more significant view of the lake.

Continuing with what is the «place», in addition to the aforementioned courts, we have a Spa room, heated pool, gym and Jacuzzi. Sector of three Restaurants «Very Argentinos», where we offer: Grill, Pasta and Gourmet food.As for the rate chart, we charge a price according to the hotel and its dimensions, where we only have three «special» rooms (which are paid with a plus, not too high to the price of the regular room), and the only difference between The «regular and the special», is that the «special» have jacuzzi integrated in the room, the others, with whirlpool bath.All services provided by the hotel in terms of «leisure and sport», outside the rooms, is included in the value of the regular room, in order to have a similar rate chart between room and room.The Spa Service is also included within the price of stay, but it is used by appointment, and is available to the guest from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., from Monday to Monday. As for the service of the Restaurant, the guest can choose between two (2) options: Pay each service in the restaurant, or pay a little more, and have included half board in any of the 3 restaurant of choice.According to the anti-smoking law promulgated in 2011 in the Argentine Republic (Law 26.687), smoking is not allowed in enclosed places, (this includes: hotel rooms, enclosed spaces, restaurants, etc.), although we know and are aware , That most of our guests are smokers, for this reason, our idea is not to discriminate against any of them, we consider that both smokers and non-smokers are entitled. For this same reason, our Restaurant areas have an outdoor area to enjoy outdoors, or so that smokers do not suffer the fact of having to leave the property, as well as, it is allowed in all surroundings outdoors, Including the balconies and open fronts of each room.In regards to the rooms, we have service for the same 24 hours. Within each room we can find a bar, 40 LED TV with HD cable service and premium channels, King size bed, large bathroom with Scottish shower, plus bathtub with whirlpool or jacuzzi. Welcome to the room always with 2 champagne «187 Chandon», plus a box of chocolates «Habanna», air conditioning cold – heat, small safe deposit box, smoke detectors spring, and fire alarm. All for the same price, the only thing that is charged separately, is the food service to the room and what is consumed in the frigo bar.   We also have own cub service so that the guest can mobilize within the area, and free parking. At the moment that the client makes the reservation of the room, our highly trained staff, suggests to the client, a «Free Pass». This one, gives the guest, a «permit», to make certain excursions in Bariloche, adding an extra to the reservation, the client can schedule certain excursions of his interest, and it does so at a promotional price, which is included in the Stay of the «Little Rose».And finally, we create a «Vip Pass», which, for a monthly fee, gives you access to the neighbors of the Bariloche district, so that they can access the Hotel and enjoy all the free services of the same (Canchas, Spa, Gym, etc), including the three Restaurant, which offer four meals a day, at a reasonable price, which is paid separately.



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