12 junio, 2024
  1. The English Language, like any other language of the many that are spoken in the world is assumed as the language par excellence for international trade and Logistics, however, there are a large number of languages ??in the world, although it is impossible to give a An exact figure or even approximate, but for international trade and logistics is essential to speak this language.

English has a lot of importance in this era of cutting edge technologies, nowadays technologies make life more pleasant and if you master English is much better, shortened distance and you can communicate with any country in the world if you speak English, in economy, Industry, business, international trade, throughout the productive world is written, spoken and read in English. Major airlines, for example, have adopted English as their official language. Undoubtedly, English is important and fundamental to our profession.

Since the English language is everywhere, the names of the stores and products of music, movies, television shows and on the Internet. Being able to understand and communicate in English can be crucial to professional life.

Knowing its importance, it is undeniable that those who can speak and write in that language is seen with other eyes of the employers.

English is essential and benchmark in the day to day business world. In many sectors, it is not only a differential, but a requirement.

In Logistics, many of the terms and concepts used daily are expressed in English. For the logistics specialist, it is essential to be able to communicate in English, understand the words and acronyms cited and used in the industry.

We know that the logistics function is the management of information and everything that encompasses the movement of products and services of companies. And these, to improve their processes and be more competitive.

In logistics as in international trade, every day that passes, we realize that the economy is more interconnected worldwide. And with this, logistics professionals need to be prepared to coordinate negotiations, communicate verbally or orally and be able to interpret the documentation involved in the transportation of goods, such as insurance contracts and customs information that are commonly found in English.

Logistics as international trade has a vocabulary of technical English and increasingly complete. Some companies even require more than one foreign language, because they consider English compulsory.

International trade as Logistics for export and import in our country is developing more and more in recent times. And as requirements increase due to the importance of the business, we must be prepared to follow the movement, the changes in the area and take advantage of the opportunities that appear to maximize the entire logistics chain, reduce costs, increase productivity, save time and Security in different types of trade and markets.

Logistics will be trained and able to be more professional to work with accurate information and understand the needs and expectations of customers and the markets in which it operates, especially when they are in English.

To conclude I must say that today to handle another language is to duplicate the chances of success in life and par excellence and importance should be English that other language, handle English allows you to cross borders supported by communication and information technology.

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