16 junio, 2024

Macri meets with Canada’s Trudeau: We seek to enhance trade relations.


Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived at the Government House this afternoon in his first official visit to Argentina since he took office in December.

Trudeau held a private meeting with President Mauricio Macri and is scheduled to meet with businessmen and human rights organizations.

«Argentina seeks to enhance the commercial exchange with Canada,» Macri told a joint news conference.

«We must strengthen the trade relations with Canada and the rest of the countries in the continent. The best way is to create employment and to solve the problems of poverty we have,» he added.

Trudeau assured his country will collaborate in the reception of Syrian refugees. «We have a vast experience addressing the refugees issue and we are willing to collaborate so Argentina can welcome 3,000 citizens from that country who are escaping war,» the premier stated.


The text speaks about this visit to argentina at the prime minister justin tradeu from canada the had a private meeting whit president macri. They talk about creating ployment and solve the problems of poverty. Besides, they talk about of syrian refugees.

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