23 junio, 2024

Foreign trade is the exchange of goods or servicies existing between two or more nations in order for each one to satisfy its internal and external market needs.Its regulated by international norms,treatles,agreements and agreements between countries to simplify their processes and seeks to cover domestic demand that can`t be met by domestic production.

International trade incorporates Global transactions of products.An example of this is the price of oil,which her subject to a change in its price due to International Trade.So that oil is affected by the economic and commercial events of the world.

Foreign Trade is carried out by people who buy products outside their country during holidays,are applied by private companies that export and import goods and services to incorporate them into their production chain,and foreign trade is promoted by governments with their policies economic and international agreements.Foreign trade is growing a lot everyday.

In my opinion the first to arrived large is International Trade.Usually when we buy a product from another country,we must deliver documents.Foreign trade is the most import thing for companies,the market and for the people because it help really much in differents aspects.


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