12 julio, 2024

China has proposed a reform on rules that establish when countries can apply anti-dumping measures.

Dumping refers to the practice of selling below normal or even production costs, with the purpose of harming or eliminating competition in order to take possession of markets.

This week, WTO (World Trade Organization) has published a document in which is stated that China wants to avoid the excessive impact and permanent turning of antidumping measures, taking into consideration of small and medium companies, and imposing stronger controls on these types of taxes.

Analysts have already pointed out low probabilities of unanimous support from other WTO members and probable rejection by the United States, through Wilbur Ross, secretary of Commerce.

According to specialists, Chinas objective is to deviate attention on its fishing subsidies, that are being a problem on same WTO comission negotiation. Global pressure over fishing companies its huge, because elimination of subsidies is part of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2020 from UN (United Nations). Many commercial diplomats are waiting for an agreement at WTO Ministerial Conference, which is taking place on December.

China has been accused several times about handing unfair subsidies to its huge fishing fleet and, with Russia and India support, has also used WTO meetings on fishing to launch its proposition on dumping rules.

On 2014, United States exposed at WTO that China had over 30 undeclared fishing support programs, demanded more transparency and accused the Asiatic country on moving slowly.

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