28 mayo, 2024
  1. From the industrial revolution, by the end of 1700, accidents began to occur due to the use of machines.
    That is why in 1917, the first drivers of accident risks appeared. In 1996, the law of work risks was born, thats where we understood The importance of having a professional of hygiene and safety, in a production plant, is fundamental.
    Its function is to prevent accidents, and to preserve the health of employees.
    This function is key and of vital importance, since it was thought, taking into account the amount of work accidents that were registered, by ignorance of the risks to which the workers are exposed.
    Nowadays these accidents have diminished, thanks to the implementation of the security programs, this program includes, the planning, the direction and supervision of the activities of the personnel in charge and to watch over the fulfillment of this program.
    It also investigates workplace accidents, determines their causes and recommends corrective measures.
    Evaluates problems related to occupational health, keeps teams and workplace in order, reporting anomalies.
    All these actions have improved the workers quality of life.
    Although risks have been reduced, they have been eliminated. Today, there are still victims of occupational accidents. This is why we ask for the cooperation of all parties.
    In the meantime, work will continue, to achieve greater efficiency in security.

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