21 mayo, 2024


The already known Burn Out Syndrome seems to be rising its affection standards between workers but, do people really know about it and its consequences?

The Burn Out Syndrome is considered as a long-term stress which starts with a dissatisfaction produced by efforts made at work that were not necessary well personaly rewarded.

In general aspects, commited and qualified people whose focus on work and its interests are placed over personal insterests, tend to suffer this syndrome leading to low self-esteem, sadness and in worst cases suicide ideas. However anyone can experience it so, how can people tell that someone is burned out?

  • Emotional fatigue: distinguished as energy loss, exhaustion, etc.
  • Personal abstraction: a new personality appears, making the worker feel irritability, have bad actitudes and even give out of place answers.
  • Lack of personal fulfillment: it can be displayed as negative answers or actions towards work and oneself.

Unfortunately, even if people notice that someone might have the Burn Out Syndrome, professional assistance is needed for future treatment.

Still, many people confuse fatigue, stress or work addiction with this syndrome. The big difference between them is that it is easier and faster to recover from fatigue, stress shows more physical symptoms and the work addiction brings personal satisfaction whereas the Burn Out Syndrome makes people sick from work and drives them away from it.

Finally, the importance of preventing burned out workers relies on the future of the company, meaning spoilage of the workers performance or the offered service, and most important then mental and physical health of all workers.

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