22 junio, 2024

The aim of hygiene and safety is to protect the health of the worker, with the aim of optimizing their work and professional development within the work environment. Thus, in general terms, this concept refers to a technique for the prevention of diseases at work.

An appropriate implementation of hygiene studies and modifies the physical, biological or chemical working environment to prevent the onset of occupational diseases. To change some professional behaviors derives in the improvement of the work climate, as well as to control different factors that affect the good professional performance or to generate a disease due to bad positions or the exposure to certain climatic or geographical conditions.

Carring for the working environment is paramount in the protection of industrial hygiene. Also, it should be considered that during its implementation are focused methods to optimize or avoid changes in the work context.

The aim of these standards is to improve working environment conditions by observing and regulating humidity factors, ventilation, temperature, pressure, noise, poor posture, eye strain and other factors. In this way, it is intended to maintain a working environment free of physical, chemical and biological contaminants. In such  way , if the labor characteristics demands, the limits tolerable for the health must be preserved.

Prevention of occupational hazards:

There are several occupational risks that could be negative consequences on the health of the worker. Meanwhile, the implementation of hygiene at work is essential to avoid any harm to the individual.

These risks are generally classified into five types: safety, physical agents, biological agents, chemical contaminants and ergonomic stresses. In this sense, it is the task of the middle and upper management of the entity to indicate and that the labor hygiene standards are met.

Institutional commitment to determining staff rules and care is of almost importance.

Occupational diseases are not unpredictable. Most are derived from the conditions of the work environment or the actions of workers, so it is essential to implement the necessary measures.

Note: Own realization of content with the collaboration in the narration of the journalist Di Giorgio Lautaro.

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