18 julio, 2024


Nowadays, the increasing competitiveness of the market causes companies to increase the level of demand through more ambitious goals and more rigorous work strategies. These changes and new demands directly fall into the human capital of each company, making it necessary also to take measures to keep the personnel trained and motivated, so that they can contribute to the goals through a better job performance. Training in organizations is vital because it contributes to the development of both personal and professional collaborators. That the reason why companies must find mechanisms that give their employees the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve optimal performance.

There is an area specifically design to build communication plans to broadcast information related to the activities of each organization,  training area. Through the content of these plans, the collaborators have the opportunity to learn new things, allowing the organizations to achieve their goals. It is necessary to express that the training programs must be made and thought according to the needs of the company, since it is not their responsibility to adapt to the changes. There are three types of problems to detect the type of training that a company needs:

–  By discrepancy;  when the employees lack knowledge.

–  For change; When we must change the way we do the tasks.

–  Incorporation; Performing tasks that are not currently done.

These needs can be detected through conversations, meetings, groups, observations or questionnaires. It is necessary to make sure that what is taught is really a need of the organization and is transferable to the tasks. Here are some of the benefits of training:

1-  Increase in productivity and quality of work.

2-  Increase the profitability of the organization

3-  Develops high employee morale

4-  Help solve problems

5-  Reduces the need for constant monitoring

6-  Helps prevent accidents at work

7-  Improve the stability of the organization and its flexibility

8-  Facilitate staff to identify with the company

We can conclude that employee training should be mandatory as it is an important factor that helps to be competitive and more efficient, resulting in a change for the organization.




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