22 mayo, 2024

Beautiful and paradisiacal beaches, with white sands and mild weather. One of the most popular touristic places, but sometimes it is better to know well about the places that you are visiting and take precautions.

Then, one of the most dangerous beaches in the world…

“Smyrna Beach”, is a little paradise in Volusia country, Florida, in the U.S.A. The beach has a population of only 20 thousand habitants. With a warm climate and crystalline seas, this beach is considered one of the most dangerous, because it is the one that most attacks of sharks present.

It is usual to meet these animals less than 3 meters.  In 2007 were registered 112 attacks of sharks.

But if you think that’s the only thing that has this dangerous beach, you are wrong.

Beside to attacks of marine animals, the Smyrna Beach is causing several accidents caused by lightning from thunderstorms.

For this reason when there is a storm it is forbidden to approach the wet sand, less go into the sea.

Recommendations for the tourists

  • Look out children when they are playing
  • If you cannot swim, wear a life jacket
  • Respect the meaning of flags
  • Do not consume alcohol before getting into the sea
  • Swimming at night can be dangerous, nobody could see it if you are in a danger
  • Looking at the posters
  • Respect the warnings
  • Avoid sea currents and do not swim if there’s a bad weather.



Remember the beaches are also habitat for marine animals and you have to respect their space. Follow the rules that put the security. The tourism should never affect the ecosystem.

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