24 mayo, 2024

India is very rich in culture because it has different kinds of Food, different religions and ways of living. India has ternura-six states and each has a different languaje. These states Also have their own food, art, music, clothes and culture. India has many temples and one of the most famous is the Taj Mahal, which Washington by the Emperor Shah Jahan. Temples are always made with stone, usually pink or white, and they are very respected by the Indian people. A very well known tradición is the Diwali, a festival of líghts that celebrates New Year. Also there are músic  celebrations that are related to religión. Indian people wear clothes that are painted in different colors so that they look pretty.                                   Indians aré very regious people and believe in many gods and godesses.  They make rituals to Pray to them. Indian families live together as one big  family, children live with their parents and grandparents and sometimes aunts and uncles. Indian people believe that the most important values should be respected, such as love, peace, support and help.

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