18 mayo, 2024

With the advance of the technology the customers change and people modernize. The Internet Age also came to the events and, due to his multiple benefits, it comes to remain.


They are called Virtual Invitations and are used – in great measure – for social events. They are very easy to elaborate and distribute. You only need a bit from creativity and to be able to take advantage of the facilities that nowadays the technology brings to you to make a personalized, enterteining and unique invitation. Many forms exist, and routes of sending them.

The most common are the » electronic cards «. Diverse web pages exist with designs already pre-designed that provide the option to modify them anyway:  you can choose color, typography,  image  if you  wish.  Finally, they download and you can send e-mail, in a such way that the guests have an easy route of confirmation.

One of the most use by the young couples are the invitations for video. Where they demonstrate their talent filming an enterteining video to send  to the guests by Youtube, also it is possible to resort to an assembly or to do a more elaborated and ingenious option that consists in doing an animation (with cartoons of the guests of honour or dolls that represent them) counting their history and inviting the remittee of the message to the holiday.

From a more informal point of view Facebook offers the opportunity to interact with the guests day to day and to update the latest news of the reception. One form a group, preferably confidencial, in which add the contacts and are published photos, videoes, links, you notify, etc.

Also exists, the option to create a web page of the event surprising the guests by sending them the link of the web site. There,  they will find the invitation, a detail report of the event with directions, schedules, photos and a brief historical review (written or counted in images) of your history up to the day.

Many organizers adapted the concept of flyers to their events so that the guests receive the message only if they visit the page or are published in the groups of it concerned; it is very simple since the flyer only need of a bottom and a brief text. It is important to keep in mind that the flyers are used to remembering that such date there is an event and to generate the sensation of anxiety.

There are many reasons why people have begun to use this new model of invitation, between these reasons you can find : the low economic costs, the big response and its originality. Without mattering which design is chosen, the possibilities of individuation them are infinite since it is possible to modify until they are perfect and expire with the basic requirements.

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