17 abril, 2024


LONDON: is located on the European continent and its capital is England, one of the most important cities and considered as a metropolis of great fun, with more than 8 million inhabitants of different nationalities who speak more than 300 different languages. In central London you have great attractions such as: restaurants, theater, shops, tourist sites, restaurants and nightlife. In London history is superimposed with art, fashion, food and good British beer. In central London has great tourist attractions, The most visited tourist sites are: The impressive Big Ben clock, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tate Modern and Royal Opera House and for lovers of music and books Are going crazy on Abbey Road for those who like to visit Sherlock Holmes Museums, Baker Street.London is known for its luxurious and expensive neighborhoods such as Kensington and Belgravia, and Royal Albert Hall concert halls and the magnificent botanical gardens. As far as its gastronomic has worldwide fame and is characterized by its diversity with Michelin star restaurants and markets with food from anywhere in the world and is characterized by its international food where you can find restaurants specializing in curry and gourmet dishes, tea with cream At Harrods or a crunchy fish at a proper fishmonger offers the classic London flavor. Another feature of London is its spectacular architecture of its buildings. London is the most important cultural center of the city and the most visited markets of Brixton and Deptford, others can be found in the Clapham neighborhood with street shows where it is frequented by the public. A dream place to shop in the West End and tour all its shops to reach the famous Oxford Street. London has 1000 hotels, having a very varied hotel in terms of rates, styles and amenities has luxury hotels where they offer you with all the services, comfort and amenities such as: spa service, swimming pool, sauna and meeting room and restaurant. On the other hand, there are many family and child care hotels, where you can find a wide range of boutique hotels, apartments and hostels where your holiday will be perfect. Heathrow Airport is close to the center of the city and its incredible monuments have six airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, City, Stansted, Luton and Southend. With more flights and with access to regional airports where you can easily access. The means of transportation used is one of the most complete public transportation systems in the world, which includes well-known underground bus, river bus, train, light rail and tram.

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