12 julio, 2024


Some time ago we come with the idea of doing a trip removed from the city, where it predominates over the nature. For that reason , we have chosen Port Iguazú.

Arriving to the province of Misiones I stayed at the «EXE HOTEL CATARATAS”, located in the town of Port Iguazú, away from the city, near the Falls. The good thing about this hotel was that in addition to being modern and having all the amenities which I was accustomed in the city had a huge garden, which mixed with the environment of the jungle in a continuity, without transition and that, in addition to the varied vegetation of the place, in the trees could be seen and listened to hundreds of birds, you could see monkeys playing and coats walk by the place, all living in the purest freedom.

The first two days of the trip we did a tour by the area. We entered into the heart of the Falls, approaching the various jumps, the San Martin, the Throat in the Devil, I felt I was inside them. It was a great water source that with noisy force impresses and shows the magnitude of nature. The weather was fantastic so we could enjoy the stay much longer.

On the third day was free and allowed me to walk again and more quietly the place. Appreciate again the landscapes and the color that the nature offered. He looked different from the previous ride, incredible how he could change from day to day, from morning to afternoon. The location of the sun, the clouds, the light and even the heat made the landscape another photo, with the magnificence of the creator in each step.

On the fourth day we crossed the border and had the opportunity to travel the Brazilian side. The people were as hospitable as in ours, I felt like I was in my own country. Even though we did not speak the same language we could easily understand, I understood, in this time, that not only we have a passion for soccer, but also the Cataratas make us to share our love by nature.

Thanks to this trip, I could corroborate that everything that I had heard and listened to the Falls it was true, though the experience of living  it is Unique.




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