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The categorization by stars is a convention more or less accepted by the whole industry. Diamonds are also often applied, although this is more common in hotels in the United States. There is no single international categorization scale, each country regulates the characteristics and services that the hotel establishments o each category must present to register within it.
Large differences can be found from one country to another, from one continent to another and even within the same country due to local regulations. This situation of injustice is especially noticeable in small boutique or design hotels that have almost everything that can give you a hotel of the highest category, plus the addition of personalized attention. However, they will never reach the 5 stars because they will lack a minimum number of rooms, or because it does not have large meeting room, or because it has no pool, among other thing.

The basic criteria to define whether an establishment fits into a 3 star or a 4 or a 2, are based on the size of rooms, cleanliness and availability of certain services including an extensive menu: existence of lifts, languages spoken by its employees, number of private bathrooms in relation to rooms, parking, lounges, health services, swimming pool, etc. However, many services that today are considered basic are not contemplated in most cases, such as the availability of free internet connection within the basic services provided.

Hotel categorization in Europe
Each country uses its own criteria to categorize hotels. In each European country the monitoring body is in different hands. In France or Italy, the task of monitoring is in the hands of the government, of Denmark.

Hotel categorization in Asia
Historically American or European categorization systems have prevailed, with less attention to the characteristics of other tourist destinations in the world. Some Asian destinations such as Qatar or Dubai, postulated from the beginning of their modern hotel development that they would plant new parameters focusing on a luxury never before known, with different structures and qualities. The 5 stars were small from the beginning.
So: Are there any 7-star hotels?
As for European and American regulations, it is clear that there is no place for more than 5 stars. So any 6 or 7 star ad son Western territory are only focused on achieving an advertising «hook,» because you will not have more than 5 official stars on the door plate. If we speak at a global level, it should be noted that Dubai has set the bar high with its 7 star hotel. Then, any hotel that considers that happens of the 5 stars, can be promoted with 6 or 7 stars without prejudice that its qualification in European and American territory will not reach more than the 5 recognized ones. Mexico, for example, has a category superior to 5 stars: the GL or Great Luxury. In short, as the regulations and criteria are not approved for the whole planet, the true value of a hotel, its true category will continue to give the opinion of its guests.

Burj al Arab: This is definitely a luxury hotel, so it obviously has seven stars. to 17 kilometers to the south of Dubai, the Burj al Arab is a rises 321 meters on an artificial island. Among other luxuries, it has a waterfall in a 60-story courtyard (the highest in the world). It smallest room has169 square meters. It has seven restaurants; one of them is 200 meters high. To another it is arrived after ten minutes of trip in submarine.

Emirates Palace: Also located in the Arab Emirates, but in this case in its capital Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Palace is an establishment decorated in an extremely luxurious Arab style, which includes marble and gold suites and spectacular golden domes, privates beach, marina, 34 hectares of gardens, two larges swimming pools and 14 exclusive restaurants are some o its proposals. The offer is supplemented by limousine service, private jet and heliport, understandable if we consider the select clientele that enjoys, among which are members of the royal family and political leaders of official visit to the Emirates, so some of their suites are reserved exclusively for them, the hotel has 302 rooms and 92 suites, in addition, on the sixth and seventh floors are the Palace Suites.

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