22 abril, 2024

5 Star Boutique Hotel

Traversing the imposing gate six meters high from French oak wine barrels on the distinguished Quintana Avenue in the heart of Recoleta, MIO BUENOS AIRES. Fusion of daring design, comfort and meticulous service, with the latest technology available, is revealed as a synthesis of luxury, Hi Tech functionality and comfort. Caldén materials such as glass, cotton, oak, steel, marble, taffeta and silk project a tangible sense of warmth and intimacy in each of the thirty rooms and suites MIO BUENOS AIRES.
The spaces are surprisingly large and bright and daring in selecting details and signature pieces, MIO BUENOS AIRES stands at the forefront of design sophistication. The rooms and suites were created without internal walls to enhance unlimited amplitude of each dimension, maintaining the continuity of space with natural light. MIO BUENOS AIRES stands as an icon of strong identity that combines luxury, elegance and original design with personalized service and impeccable service.

Bathtubs Mio Buenos Aires:
The tubs have been created by Mario Dasso, an Argentine whose Art is sculpting talented nature. Mario does not choose his tree prefers into the forest and be surprised. Listen to that inner voice that guides, the same who listened to his Mapuche ancestors. The wood gets its hands when he chooses. The opposite , The Caldén, a giant surrendered. The artist works with nature trees killed. In the Pampa said that when a caldén dies stop observing and start counting. This artist of La Pampa does not choose the tree, find it, either choose the final work, out to find him. Each piece is unique and has a message. The tubs were sculpted by the artist exclusively for MIO BUENOS AIRES.

Doors Mio Buenos Aires Hotel:
Doors MIO BUENOS AIRES come from old wine casks, pure French oak centenary. It is possible to observe in their veins wine tour, his poise and feel the dedication with which they were worked.

Environmental Protection:
Protecting the environment through recycling practices, selection of environmentally friendly products, high-efficiency lighting and MIO BUENOS AIRES is implementing new measures for sustainable development.

Art and Decoration Boutique:
The MIO BUENOS AIRES exclusive hotel offers its public for the dissemination of Argentine artists areas, giving priority exposing emerging artists to make their contribution to the dissemination of outstanding talent of our artists.

Hotel in Buenos Aires with design:
With a strong identity and a style of clean lines and net, MIO BUENOS AIRES makes a different and risky design and a balanced combination of art and sophistication. Double height in the lobby that generates a majestic breadth to the end, where the gaze rests on a waterfall own a scenario of magical realism, with butterflies, running water, and a garden that grows vertically.

Design Boutique and Art:
The designer Delfina Rossi, stood out as the guiding principle of this project. Delfina mixed inherited the mastery of good taste, the expert eye and grace of youth uncontaminated. Delfina also gave life to spaces, through its true art and passion. She creates gardens and transgression of the young age pushed this young artist, only 25, to defy gravity and create a garden, but leaving aside the conventions. True details everywhere, designed one by one, stylish furniture upholstered with the most exclusive German fabric, authentic pieces of designers in the world, Japan, Italy, Indonesia and of course Argentina.You can find  talent in every corner. Architect Hector Maffi brought his boundless gaze, leaving his personal imprint, can be recognized in each of the spaces. The design of MIO BUENOS AIRES is the result of talent and creativity of a diverse and varied aesthetics professionals, always under the watchful and demanding address of its owner, Cristina Catena. Blend future with tradition, the materials combine cold, heat, present, innovation, history, art and color. Steel, glass, marble, stone, mixed harmoniously with the warmth of wood French doors from old oak wine barrels, the caldén bathtubs and silks and wools of each piece of decoration chosen. Eccentricity is also present in MIO BUENOS AIRES, where you can find a steam bath located in the center of the great MIO suites. The bathroom, usually purely utilitarian functionality, is transformed into a majestic space, featuring a wooden bathtub in one piece, a sculpture, a work of art created by a talented artist Mario Dasso exclusively for MIO BUENOS AIRES. The tub, located the middle of an area of marble, steel and glass, fully integrated into the room, stands in fascinating ways. 8TH SPA The hotel spa was created as a haven in the city. Coated with black stone flooring St. Louis, they lower the intensity of the natural light that filters through the large windows on the eighth floor. A waterfall tumbles irreverently over the pool with giant jacuzzi effect, simulating the energetic sound of tropical rain. The area of treatments for body and soul, could be identified as an icy pitcher of ice, lemon, ginger and honey comb. Wood, glass, steel and the warmth of preparations for the complete comfort of the guest, who has been the top priority in every decision taken by the group of artists who have participated in the creation of this place so out of series cabinets. MIO BUENOS AIRES is a surprise; but its owner and creator, Cristina, believed to generate surprise is an obligation.

It recommends Hotel Mio Buenos Aires because the atmosphere is superb. The rooms have a spectacular decor and  the service is very good. The location is excellent for tourists who do not know Buenos Aires and want to stay in a safe place and with easy access to the tourist attractions.

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