14 abril, 2024

ahhhhIn everyday life  accidents happen all the time, everyone can be affected. For any risk situation, act quickly leaving aside the desperation and helping from our place we can save a life. The first thing to do if the accident ocurred in the public way is to call for emergencies, visual contact with another individual and ask him to make the call and answer to this message is essential to generate commitment in action and prevent the call to be lost in the chaos of the situation; in the case of a cutaneous injury we must pay attention to the type of bleeding, wich will determine the importance of the wound. If the bleeding is abundant and scatters on the Surface of the skin, it is superficial, on the other hand if it is gushing and in the form of a jet, we are facing posible damage in the artery. When an artery is damaged partially or completely the organism takes only 8 minutes to bleed, therefore, while the aid comes in way we must delay the process. For this it is appropriate to press on the artery closest to the wound with small intervals allowing oxygen to circulate, or simply to implement the famous tourniquet, tying it tightly with a rag up the wound, preventing the progression of bleeding, although there is a risk of amputation of the subjet in question in the future, this option is preferable before losing a life . Finally if an object is found inmersed in the wound we must avoid extracting it since the bleeding is internal and it is only advisable to wait for the emergency service. The small councils are a part of what the world of first aid, but it is always good to know a Little more and when it comes to helping, I think it is very positive to do it from our humble place, even if it is making the call to emergencies, perhaps the victim has no chance of being saved or maybe yes, but we will have acted positively.


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