18 abril, 2024

The packaging design image


Resultado de imagen para The packaging design image the coca cola

Resultado de imagen para The packaging design image the coca colaResultado de imagen para The packaging design image the coca cola

The design is the image transmitted by the packaging. A fundamental point to achieve success, in the supermarket, is the image that transmits the product. Some drinks have redesigned their packaging, rounding their different shapes, changing the colors, the design of the drawings, to achieve a replenishment as an option for women. An effective packaging, it must be simple, to communicate quickly of which product is, to be correctly printed, to face the competition, to reflect the image of the product and if the packaging is redesigned that this one maintains a certain visual tie with its past, of So that it remains familiar to the consumer. To create and design a package and determine its advantages, three factors must be taken into account: the brand, the product and the consumer.



Global competitor: The birth of Pepsi in 1893 was the biggest competition problem for the company, Coca Cola. Although the beginning for Pepsi was not positive, after two consecutive bankruptcies the company was acquired by a distributor of Coca Cola, that managed to stand face to its previous company.

Pepsi began an aggressive attitude, increasing the quantities of product and reducing the prices with respect to Coca Cola, increasing its sales Nevertheless the power of Coca Cola continued to dominate in the USA. Pepsi finally managed to catch up with Coca Cola by changing its positioning by uniting its flavor and an aggressive advertising strategy.

Pepsis marketing strategy was based mainly on differentiating Pepsi Cola from Coca Cola by trying to get closer to the segment of young people by identifying the brand Coca

Cola with traditional parents drink. This approach was a tremendous success.

Currently Coca-Cola and Pepsi offer similar products, at the same price, almost always attack one segment of the market and their coverage is almost identical worldwide.


This drink is undoubtedly one of the best in advertising and marketing as I dig deep in regards to position and this is demonstrated by the innumerable advertisements that are from the furthest corner of the planet, that is why Coca Cola has succeeded in attracting all the masses, regions, cultures, life forms and age in a single identity and flavor when drinking this liquid and therefore it is an honor that has preserved and overcome the adversities of life that such You see other companies would have abandoned it in the first fall, but not Coca Cola.

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