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 This dairy company came up with the union of cooperatives dairy farmers of the Santa Fe and Cordoba, being its founding date in 1938, in the town of Sunchales, province of Santa Fe.

In 1942 the cooperative opens in the same town its first factory.

In 1943 Brinkmann inaugurated the factory in the northeast of the province of Cordoba, which was conditioned especially to create butter. This product would be the one that will grow SanCor, as the company would receive with this high international quality standards. That same year would begin production of sweet milk. In 1940 began operating its first factory in Sunchales butter and then on did not stop growing. In 1943, to export butter and sweet milk, pasteurized milk in 1962, 70 yogurts and desserts, created in 1986 Sancor do Brasil in 2002 is associated with ARLA, one of the largest cooperatives in Sweden and Denmark to dehydrate and concentrate serum – in 2005 it becomes cooperative first and second degree. In 2008 he starts snitching and should restructure its debt. Then continues its growth path through partnerships.

In 1953 the company opened an office in New York (United States) to facilitate international trade. In 1986 SanCor do Brasil Produtos Alimenticios is created, based in São Paulo (Brazil).

In a few years, SanCor achieved rapid development and spread throughout the central dairy region Argentina.

To the original preparation of butter, they followed incorporated other industrial activities, which consolidated the company of producers of milk and conferred the leadership of dairy country.


SanCor currently produces dairy based products that provide nutrition and health and are tailored to the specific needs of consumers at every stage of life, in Argentina and the world.

For more than seven decades, SanCor was consolidated as the solidarity alternative to economic, social and environmental development. Thus, SanCor has achieved within its scope, growth in milk production, in volume and quality than the national average. Sancor is made up of 70 cooperatives representing more than 1,600 dairy farmers and processes about 1,300 million liters of milk per year in its 17 main industrial plants in the provinces of Santa Fe and Cordoba. SanCor is located in the most important central region of Latin America in dairy terms, and is together with La Serenissima the company that processed milk per day, reaching 4 million liters per day. It also has 4,700 employees, 1,300 direct dairy farmers, and 20,000 people involved in the entire production process. Following the dairy crisis of 2016, which led to the closure of hundreds of dairy farms and a general decline in milk production, Sancor entered a deep financial crisis, which began a program of voluntary retirement and was put up for sale without but any willing to buy business group was found.


sancorForeign Trade

SanCor develops its international sales management with the same dedication given to the domestic market.

It is, by tradition, the largest Argentine dairy exporter, having pioneered the integration of Argentina into the global economy.

For half a century, has been a constant presence in the main SanCor world, which has become the largest exporter of dairy products in Argentina. In addition to selling its products in over 30 countries on five continents, the cooperative has branches in Brazil (SanCor do Brasil Produtos), United States (SanCor Dairy Corporation), branches in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Today the main products exported are skim milk powder, butter (natural or salt) and gouda cheese, edam and cheddar.



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