24 abril, 2024

Since 2006 this group of percussion gives another color to the first day of the week

“La bomba de tiempo» is a percussion group who improve their music through sign language, created by Santiago Vazquez in 2006, who was the director until 2014.  Each show is unique because the music is generated in every show through the dialogue between the musicians and the director, who directed improvisation through a system with more than 70 signs made with his hands. Currently, is directed by his members in a rotative way. Thus, every presentation becomes a magical event where the musicians interact with the audience who brings energy , dancing and applause, creating a true percussion and rhythmical ritual.
The objective of the group since it was created was to exploit  the maximum use of rhythm to produce a powerful and danceable music that could genuinely represent, through improvisation, the influences of all his members and multifaceted culture of the people of Buenos Aires . Since then, la bomba de tiempo receives guest artists and audiences throughout Argentina, making it a representation of our culture phenomenon at national and international level. Actually, more than three million people dance to the beat of them.
The group performs every Monday from 19hs to 22hs in the “Conex” Cultural Center, on the Sarmiento´s street 3131. Conex is an outdoor shed, with a large stage where different shows and exhibitions every day of the week are presented. It has a bar and food truck where drinks and fast food are prepared. On Monday October 10, this talented percussion group celebrated his 10 anniversary  from the same stage where 10 years ago they started. To celebrate, they had guest artists as a spectacular circus cast that demonstrated their skills at the rhythm of the bomb, and ended by playing with the public, and the dance group «Altas Guachas» also came to show their skills making everyone dance with them and to celebrate with the musicians.

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