14 abril, 2024


English language most spoken in the world   The importance of this language
The universal language is English. It is very important to our work life for both the resume and for all parts of the world, it is critical especially in the field of tourism as being a universal language we can manage outside our country. Such language is prefered by almost everyone, as can be seen almost everywhere, there are words there have been integrated into the countries as example:  selfie, facebook, off, on, there are many books published in English, most movies, as Hollywood became a very large company, known worldwide, and most people like to listen without overdubs movies or favorite series, is also the online language, it is also the official language of communications USand European Union to the Olympic committee, of course the music market, also listen to music mostly English-speaking and the rise of rock and roll or British bands worldwide known to travel the world with his music as the Beatles, Queen, the Rolling Stones, the Police Pink Floyd, etc. When we are searching employment is almost a pre-requisite knowledge of English. Larges companies are looking for people who know that language. Many artists or singers are developed in the world of  English  to expander, for example Shakira Ricky Martin, Antonio Banderas, Vigo Mortensen, among others. American Culture soon expanded as we can be seen in countries like food fad, or electronic games. People who handle that language can get better jobs and have a larger than those that do not handle and that will help them financially labor supply. The English language is easy to learn, vocabulary is not difficult, nor verbsAccording to research Mandarin Chinese is the language most spoken by the number of people there are in China, but only spoken within their country, Spanish is the second most spoken, there are many people who have it as their mother tongue, .Without but English is the third most spoken language in the world, but with the spoken outside their country. Every professional career need to manage English very well, especially in the area of tourism, because as we talked  it is  indispensable to travel abroad, to go shopping, to restore, or simply receive a foreigner in our country.

But, that expanded both this language, thanks to the politics and history, this step by wars, colonizations, influences language, cultures that influenced were Roman, Viking French, because England colonized several places and the sea was through the sailors or soldiers or missionaries was and expanded, and everyone took. England had more solid colonies like Canada, USA and Australia where  is speaking English as mother tongue, in most of the citizens of those countries.

The United States came not only English but also Spanish, French, Dutch and even Germans, but Americans preferred a stronger and language spoken by several countries. Due to the rise of the US it is that the English language also expands,Along with the rise of technology and the progress we also have incorporated words eg:Mouse, software, we use them every day and we do not realize, American culture has grown in many ways, such as its food companies like MacDonals , Starback, subway, who has not entered some of these businesses have tried their maffing or coffee breaks, late caffe big mac, ect.To travel either for pleasure or business is essential to speak English.

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