13 abril, 2024

60% of infringements detected in health and safety at work.

The Ministry of Labour in Buenos Aires continues with procedures for prevention and control of working conditions in the provincial territory following the closure of the first phase of «Operation Summer», he reported that 62.68% of infringements detected hygiene and security.

It was also recalled being carried out procedures related to the workplace, but will yield results once the operation is completed. The reason for this situation is that each inspected establishment has a peremptory time to submit documentation certifying the legal link workers with the company. In Necochea, 298 inspections were conducted. Meanwhile, the Party of La Costa 446 inspections were performed. Meanwhile, in Pinamar 239 inspections were conducted; while in Tres Arroyos were made 272. Finally, in Villa Gesell 296 inspections were carried out. Regarding the workplace, it is noteworthy that at the time of the surveys carried out inspections (1310 to date) and intima those responsible for establishments to submit documentation proving the legal link between workers and companies. Therefore, pending completion of all inspections, there will be no official figures on rates of unregistered work. Moreover, in relation to inspections on safety and hygiene, a total of 1064 were made and 667 violations were verified, which constitutes 62.69%. The detail is as follows: in Mar del Plata of 352 inspections, 245 violations were detected bone 69.6%. Necochea, 130 and 105 were made violations representing a 80.7% were detected. In the Partido de La Costa, 205 establishments were surveyed and 103 violations were detected bone 50.2%.

While in Pinamar, 116 inspections were carried out by verifying 66 violations (56.9%). In Tres Arroyos, made of 132 and 59 offenses it is 44.7% were detected, while Villa Gesell 129 establishments including 89 offenses which means 68.99% were checked were inspected.

It is worth mentioning that according to the description given by the Provincial Director of Inspection provincial Ministry of Labor, Raul Ferrara, the main causes of the violations were: «lack of personnel training, risk electric (lack of circuit breaker failure start grounding, faulty wiring, etc.) and fire hazards (lack of evacuation plan, lack of fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers discharged or hidden, etc.).»

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