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If you make a travel to Scotland I recommend visiting the Chapel of Rossly.

The chapel of Rossly means discover a space of unique and fascinating architecture where every corner hides a relief, where each relief hides a mystery, where each intrigue hides a speculation.

LOCATION: In the village of Rosslyn, 11 km from Edinburgh, Scotland

HISTORY: was built in the year 1446 to Guillermo St. Clair, the first Earl of Caithness and third Prince of Orkney, as a sacred to his family, the Clan of Nobles space Scots St. Clair, works spread over 40 years, what must have been a collegiate church a term being a small chapel, when in the year 1484 St. Clair dies.

LEGEND: About the origin of the symbols, someone claim that the Knights Templar ceased to exist before the Foundation of Rossly, survived and fled to Scotland, where he built the Chapel to hide, in a sealed crypt, Treasury. Others even relate them reliefs with a portal to another dimension. Other than the bricklayer who built the pillar moved to Rome for inspiration to carve it, meanwhile his apprentice had a dream revealing the finished pillar, so stem it, so perfect, when returned the master invaded by envy kills the apprentice.

ARCHITECTURE: It is a Gothic style, the Chapel is held on fourteen pillars that form an arcade of twelve bows pointed on three sides of the ship the three pillars to the East end of the chapel are called from North to South, the Pilar de el Maestro, the official pillar and the Pilar de el Aprendiz, at the western end, other three pillars divide the nave and the chapel of the Virgin. The columns are Corinthian of the Greek classical period. It observed arches of half point with relief decorations of  Romanesque´s Art.

A sequence of 213 cases that stand out of pillars and arches, with a selection of model symmetrical on them. Packed with small figures carved in stone and gargoyles. Inside it is striking, scenes, Biblical, as the expulsion from the garden of Eden, the fallen Angel  of  the Crucifixion, sculptures related to traditions Templar and Masonic.rosslyn-1024x768

Curiosities: this chapel became more famous as it was chosen to film scenes Da Vinci Code in September 2005

CONCLUSION: It is a mysteriously attractive Chapel, with an amazing architecture of various styles such as Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance, with a legend traditional.


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