22 abril, 2024

The oldest restaurant in the world, so established by the Guinness Book record, is located near the Plaza Mayor, at number 7 on the  Cuchilleros´s street, where a large number of bars, taverns and shops offering rich is also located and typical Spanish meals.
It was founded in 1725 by Frenchman Jean Botin and his wife, as an inn called «Hosteleria Botin».
After the death of Jean and his wife, the business is in the hands of the nephew, Candido Remis, changing the name to «Sobrino de Botin» (1868).
With the advent of the twentieth century, Botin reaches the hands of their current propietaros: Amparo and Emilio Gonzalez. Then, only the entrance and first floor were dedicated to the restaurant, the cellar was used as a warehouse and the second and third floors were for family housing. When Amparo Martín and her husband Emilio González took over the reins of the business Botín was only a small family business with just seven employees, counting marriage and three children after the Spanish Civil War, which paralyzed the business by reducing it to a single room for militants, are the sons of marriage those who get resume activity to convert Booty what it means today, for tourists and for culinary art lovers worldwide.
The restaurant has an ambience belonging to the sixteenth century, occupies four floors,  low ceilings, an unique covered wooden entrance. There, work around seventy people, and they can accommodate two hundred diners ,are served between three hundred and four hundred dishes, having reached the record of seven hundred fifty a day.
Specialities  Culinary  you can find  in this establishment, dedicated to typical wood oven, correspond to the Castilian and Madrid cuisine  that is characterized by Castilian roasts, whose most famous dishes includes roast suckling pig and roast lamb.
One of the highlights data «Sobrino de Botin» says that the famous painter Francisco de Goya work in their kitchens in 1765, before being descado as a painter.
The restaurant is visited by millions of tourists who line up to taste the delicious delicacies offered.
I  recommend this dining establishment to anyone looking to eat a typical dish of the Spanish Cuisine and also enjoy the Architectural history of the country.

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