16 abril, 2024


Hayakama is located in Tokyo, Japan. One of the most beautiful countries.
It was built in 705, it is one of the hotels that it is includes in  the Guinness books for their age and have the hot springs. It has 35 rooms, it can be seen beautiful views such as mountains, nature, hot springs, and above all it is disconnected by the world. It was founded by Emperor Tenji, and when he inaugurated was used for centuries by the inhabitants and visitors to Kyoto. It is popular among artists and the military class.
We can also see that it has a traditional design with wood floors tatami and all rooms overlook the mountains. The thermal waters come from natural seeps that let you enjoy approximately 1600 liters of water per minute to about 52 degrees temperature in the pools. One of the things described this hotel is the food, which every day offer all kinds of dishes from Japan. The nearest sightseeing hotel are Mount Fuji and the monkey park.
The rooms are priced  12,000 yen, about 95 € the standard room; and 150,000, or 1,182 euros if you want to stay in the historic Enmeikaku house with a private garden per person per night, including breakfast and dinner.
A very important fact of this hotel has been run since then by 46 generations of the same family, and was used since 715.
A mythology said that  the hotel was a divine mandate that men could enjoy the benefits of the hot springs area Hokuriko, since then they focused on the balance between the local and surrounding nature .
This type of hotel would recommend  for his  history, beyond its lujimos spa having, and being away from teconologia. You can visit in any season, and go with your family or in couple. It is a tourist place that you can offer to whom are looking for relax.

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