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What is a business round?

What is a Business Round?

Meetings where they make contact between entrepreneurs, professionals, producers or entrepreneurs who manufacture products or offer services and entrepreneurs who demand or seek new products for their marketing chains.
The purpose is to show quality, characteristics, qualities and advances of products and / or services with the intention of carrying out commercial operations.

Business rounds can be organized within the Internal or External market, they are an effective tool insofar as it provides the opportunity for companies to know new commercial horizons that otherwise would be almost impossible to reach. In a day the employer can sit down to talk at individual tables, prepared for that purpose, with a world of entrepreneurs from different locations, provinces and countries. You can not only sell your products or services but also buy better or make some kind of associativity, which will only materialize with your participation.

As any export business requires prior planning to attend a business round:

We can divide the planning work of the business round into three parts, a previous stage, a moment during the meeting and finally when we arrive at the office and review what happened in the meeting, what we would call the post-meeting work.
* In this preliminary stage it is time to plan the meeting, we should optimize our time trying to establish relationships and / or at least leave a good impression of who we are and what we do.
We must investigate the future client, investigate the country where you want to export, you must know what tariff restrictions our product has in that country, the logistics and distribution of the product,
Prepare the material for the meeting: You can not go to a business round without company cards, company presentation letter, product catalogs, list of prices and order notes.

The second moment is the meeting itself:

In a business meeting can not miss the punctuality, the presentation of the company with their products and the offer of them with their price lists, samples of the product are delivered.

Be prudent and try to open the commercial relationship by giving flexibility to the commercial business, Example changes in the colors of the product packaging or other services that we can provide if the company is requesting it.

The third moment is after the meeting:

Send thank you mails to the companies interviewed, this serves to remind them and open up to the commercial relationship.

Make a review of everything that was discussed at the meeting.

Comply with the agreement, either to send proformas if a deal has been closed or price lists with their modifications or changes discussed in products, sample shipments, etc. It is important to have the export offer and the different alternatives that we can negotiate.

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