The profile of human resources


The Argentine companies generate important transformations to the organizational level; This leads to a thorough review of Human Resources because it is impossible to make those changes without the participation of the members that make up the institution.
In Argentina, the drastic change of the traditional profile of the companies is urgently needed, generating another one of higher level of demand and complicity. We have a high index of unemployment, while on the other hand, a high percentage of the demand of the companies remain unsatisfied, not match the profiles that the market offers.
This problematic of the gap between supply and demand, considerably complicates the process of personnel selection in the Capital and Greater Buenos Aires; sharpening this situation in the interior of the country.
Argentine companies are faced with the challenge of changing in a profound and abrupt manner in order to respond to the impact of: the function of more technologies, the important level of competence and the redefinition of the criterion of competence with greater attention in the client, high importance to the quality and compliance with the deadlines to deliver the products; added to the drop in growth in a context of harsh conditions in the market.
Organizations to be able to adapt to the demands of the current situation,are impelled to change, have to manage the continuous change. Based on the proposed conditions, the business strategies referred to Human Resources, is going through a thorough revision in the last decades, one of them include employment, salaries, work organization, hierarchical relations, training policy , etc..
FOR THE HUMAN RESOURCES TO SERVE? The Human Resources program is the best way to systematically manage the planning, development, evaluation and benefit of the talent that the company possesses, linking all processes and coordinating personal efforts with the overall strategy of the company.
The true importance of Human Resources throughout the company lies in its ability to respond favorably and willingly to the objectives of performance and opportunities, in these efforts to obtain satisfaction, both for completing the work and for being in the same environment. . This requires that there are people trained, with the right combination of knowledge and skills, who are in the right place at the right time to do the job. Organizations have one element in common: they are all made up of people. People carry out the advances, achievements and mistakes of their organizations. The company is formed or destroyed by the quality or behavior of its people. What distinguishes a company are its human beings who possess skills to use knowledge of all kinds.
We can say that, the people who make up the company are the real engine of the same, without them you could say that there would be no company.