Customs Dispatcher Service


Customs Dispatcher Service
What is a customs broker? The Customs Dispatcher is the auxiliary agent of the trade and the customs service that will be in charge of the organization, coordination, execution and control of all the activities and tasks that directly or indirectly link the private exporting and importing sector with official and private organisms and institutions. Related to the operations of Foreign Trade and customs. The customs broker is the professional trained in the customs activity that has the ability to advise on specific issues and technical issues related to the operation of import and export of goods and services, and may perform customs procedures, proceedings and operations before the Service Customs on behalf of third parties.
What is the import?
It is called import to the commercial action that implies and leads to the introduction of foreign products in a particular country Import is a term that comes from the verb import (introduce products or foreign customs in a country)
What is export?
It is called export to any good or service sent outside the national territory. The export is the legitimate traffic of goods and / or services from a customs territory to another customs territory. Exports can be any product shipped outside the customs border of a State or economic block,
Generalizing the customs broker is responsible for completing the customs formalities, both in the discharge and in the entry of merchandise to our country. Its main activities are focused on the tariff classification, declaration of merchandise, valuation and compliance with the rules of origin of those that govern each type of merchandise. The customs broker is also an advisor in the international market, bearing guidance in several fields, such as marketing, study and feasibility analysis of product placement, studies of competition in certain markets, etc.

The customs broker is the person who acts as an auxiliary agent of the trade and customs service, authorized by the National Customs Directorate, which acting on behalf of the importer or exporter, carries out procedures and procedures related to customs operations. » One of the fundamental characteristics of the activity of the customs broker, is that of being a professional specialized in knowledge of customs regulations and operations.
But the specialized knowledge of the customs broker is not limited to the normative aspects. The reality is that this professional also provides his clients with knowledge about the modalities and costs of the different alternatives offered by the Foreign Trade market in terms of the transport of goods, insurance, financing means, interventions of the Organizations in charge of each sector. Taking into account the infinity of merchandise types, identifying or classifying them and the rules that govern them, in constant change, make the activity one of the most demanding. The customs broker permanently collaborates with its clients in what could be called the elaboration of the engineering of the International Trade operations and in this way access to the merchandise bought or sold abroad in the most efficient way in terms of time and costs.
In the world of international trade, customs regulations are at stake. These are procedural rules, others that refer to tariff restrictions (of a tax nature) and non-tariff restrictions (some of an economic nature and others with a much broader purpose). Also come into play administrative norms, or civil or commercial law, national and international standards and administrative and commercial practices. Therefore, the intervention of a subject who has sufficient preparation to know this regulation and professional commitment to stay constantly updated is essential.
In this way, the customs broker becomes the main consultant in foreign trade issues. The knowledge required to provide all these services makes it the central figure. Thus, this specialized contribution made by customs brokers to their customers is beneficial for the economies of different countries. The customs broker is more than a simple agent or manager opening the possibility of giving a regulation according to their actual performance as a professional that provides services and technical advice to individuals and companies but is also an agent whose performance involves a contribution to the fluidity of international trade and effective action by Customs.
The customs broker or agent is a true auxiliary of the public function and an essential instrument for effective control work to be carried out by Customs. The importance of the figure of the customs broker is more important than that of the representative or agent. The customs broker is an agent of foreign trade, authorized by the inspection and control body, authorized to manage in the name and for the account of a third party the laws and procedures for the introduction and extraction of merchandise before customs. Its function exceeds the limits of what is merely indicative, acquires a relevance such that these sectors cannot act harmoniously and effectively without having their presence. The challenge of the Customs Broker today is to assume the functions correlative to those covered by the customs administration, collaborating and participating with its primary objectives, controller and improvement of the different customs operations and the perception of a fair final income. All the legislations of the world, in one form or another, consecrate and regulate the scope of their work and the parameters to which they must be subjected for a better professional exercise. The customs broker has a very important function in the commercial link generated from the international traffic of goods