importance of English in a public relations


As a student of public relations I notice that the globalization that exists today has generated the great need for each company to have bilingual employees in the area of ??public relations in order to maintain contact with international entities and meet the needs of clients in abroad. On the other hand, being considered the business language, English is the language that generates more professional opportunities to obtain management positions, without an adequate level of English, it is much more complicated to progress in the workplace. And the more responsibility a job entails, the more likely it is that it requires knowledge of English. Having knowledge of another language creates new job opportunities, English knowledge opens the door to many exciting job opportunities, from working a season abroad to a position in a multinational or start your own venture as a public relations officer in such a dynamic market like the current one, where globalization and the internet are breaking down borders, being able to communicate with colleagues from all over the world is becoming more and more essential, not only to obtain work it is necessary to know English, but it also makes it easier to work every day. good level of English makes it possible to access all kinds of international resources: web pages, applications, reports, which gives us an advantage in day to day work by having greater knowledge of different parts of the world allowing you to innovate and excel as a professional

In addition, knowing the right expressions and knowing how to function with ease will be of great help if we have to contact clients, suppliers or foreign colleagues, achieving not only personal benefits but also for the organization in which one performs, decreasing the expense of resources to the organization.