Suspensive destinations of import


Suspensive destinations of  temporary import

Suspensive destinations of temporary is that by virtue of which the imported merchant may remain with a purpose and for a specified period within  the customs territory, being subject from the moment of its release, to the obligation to reexport it for consumption prior to the experitation of said period.

There are three conditions for customs to grant the request for temporary importation:

  • Have an acceptable purpose for customs.
  • Stay for a determined period.
  • Re- export it again before the expiration of the form.

What does the word suspensive mean in this custums terminology?

In principle we can differentiate remembering the definitive word that is used for the destination of import to consumption.

And what is happening in the final import for consumption?

It happens that once the corresponding taxes are paid, the merchandise is already nationalized and has free circulation in the customs territory.

And in the suspensive destination of temporary importation, taxes are not paid?

Exactly, in this case the taxes are not paid because the merchandise will be reexported abroad because it does not come definitively

Some examples of temporary imports:

  • Maximum terms 3 years: a company wins a tender to make a dike in the country and requests authorization for the temporary entry of large exgenders of foreign orgen (capital goods), which once the excavations have been made, will return to their country of origin. To be authorized the temporary importation must present to the customs the proof of having been awarded  in the tender, the rental contract with the foreign owner for the excavators and any other document or authorization of competent organizations.
  • Maximum term 1year: a circus that comes to act in our country. Who represents it will submit the application accompanied by the copies of the performance contracts. The detail of the assets that make up the circus and the corresponding health certificates.
  • Maximum term 8 months: to participate in an exhibition of the dairy industry, a foreign manufacturer, through its representative, requests the entry of a machine manufacturer of creams. Must accompany the proof of being registered in the exhibition or stand rental.
  • Maximum term 3 years: foreign inputs that will be part of the manufacture of a national product destined for export. There are several Argentine legal norms that establish the requirements that must be fulfilled both to allow the input of the inputs and for the output of the finished product.