Customs Dispatcher


What does a customs broker do?


A customs broker is responsible for streamlining and organizing in a legal and functional way everything related to international trade. To exercise that role there is certain knowledge that is obtained and learned during the career of customs broker, regulate the income and exit of merchandise as well as start up strategies to maintain an updated knowledge on this matter.

The Customs Dispatcher Career is dedicated to everything that has to do with customs regulations as well as providing tools to streamline the administrative procedures required

by international trade.


What are your duties as a customs broker?

Customs brokers are auxiliary agents of trade, have obligations and commitments, are people of visible existence and perform on behalf of third parties, all kinds of interventions related to import and export, to perform customs procedures customs brokers are required to have a general power, which is empowering them to legally dispose of the merchandise and then be delivered to their respective customers. Services provided by the customs broker: ·  Customs management (import / export)·  Integral management of authorizations and certifications before different organisms·  Foreign trade consulting·  International logistics·  International insurance

Profile of a customs broker:·  Strategic spirit.·

Taste for the administration.

Facility for procedures.

Organizational capacity.

·  Clarity in the exhibition.

·  Good interpersonal relationships.

·  Interest in progress

Because studying customs broker  The commercial activities with foreign countries are always present and are growing so that it is not a profession that is going to go out of fashion. Fulfilling a determining role in many of the industries in which you get involved so that you can enjoy a certain prestige. Despite what you can imagine, it is not a static profession but you will have to be in constant training and updating by the different regulations that are emerging.


The more effective you are in the tasks and the easier the processes of your clients trade, the more work you will have in the long term. The Customs Brokers Career is of short duration so that you can quickly find yourself performing professionally.In this career you will develop and obtain skills such as:o Develop the correct manner of the customs declaration that will be in charge.o Carry out the classification of the different products or inputs and determine for each of them the rate that must be paid.o Prepare communications addressed to importers and exporters so that they can market their merchandise in the country.o Provide advice to the different participants in foreign trade actions about logistics regulations and procedures.o Carry out all the procedures that have to do with the customs clearance.





According to the work carried out and researched, I conclude that the career of customs broker is learned from an integral perspective that comes from different fields of knowledge, everything related to customs issues as well as instruction in the figures and specific terms that are received. they are part of the work environment. Where a career space is dedicated to everything related to administrative, tax and criminal procedures and all the methods and techniques that have to be put in place so that the objectives can be achieved.