Customs Broker (Despachante de Aduana)


Customs broker

Customs brokers and consignees are people with clearance to act as auxiliary agents for trade and customs service. They are the agents in charge of carrying out the classification of the merchandise, the corresponding customs declaration, the preparation and processing of the documents required for all foreign trade operations. The customs broker operates on behalf of the importing / exporting company or the person or entity that hire them that for this purpose

What are the requirements to be a customs broker?

• Must be of legal ager

• Must Be registered as a merchant in the Public Registry of Commerce.

• Must Have finished the secondary finished

• Must Have the necessary knowledge in customs matters in the theoretical and practical exams that are established for this purpose.

• Must Have a real address

• Must Establish a special address in the urban radius of the customs office in which will be performed its activity

• Accredit the necessary solvency and grant in favor of the General Directorate of Customs a security guarantee of the faithful fulfillment of its obligations,

The customs broker is the professional trained in the customs activity who has the ability to advice on specific issues and technical issues related to the operation of import and export of goods and services, and may carry out customs procedures, proceedings and operations before the Customs Service on behalf of third parties.

What is the import?

It is called import to the commercial action that implies and leads to the introduction of foreign products in a particular country Import is a term that comes from the verb import (introduce products or foreign customs in a country)

What is the export?

It is called export to any good or service sent outside the national territory. The export is the legitimate traffic of goods and / or services from a customs territory to another customs territory. Exports can be any product shipped outside the customs border of a State