Customs Broker


Customs Broker

The advisory function is one of the main functions that, as Customs Dispatchers, is exercised to assist in everything related to foreign trade and customs.

From a more practical side he will be in charge of executing all the import dispatches and the luggage dispatch; and its function extends both to the income and to the exit of merchandise.

Everything related to the import and export shipping permits is part of the jurisdiction of the customs broker as well as the process of labeling the products.

A record will have to be kept in stock control and in the identification processes of the merchandise found in the deposits of each nation.

Many of the paperwork and intervention papers and or certifications such as those presented to the INTI are part of the routine of a Customs Dispatcher.

It can provide data such as the values of the regime of the auto parts.

In the field of exports, the Customs Dispatcher will be in charge of the procedures that provide reimbursement for exports, as well as, in this same context, advice is given on the percentage of VAT refund that is executed before the trade of export.

In this same aspect, the professional who works in Customs Management, will have to deal with the tariff classification of merchandise. This task is very important because it accounts for the payment of rights that must be done both to export and to import.

All processing that is related to import and export will be in charge of the customs brokers management.