Why do you have to know English to be a hotel manager?


Nowadays, the professional importance of knowing a language other than the mother tongue is indisputable. International relations and globalization are part of everyday life, with English being the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, and the first used in commerce and finance.

In many jobs, knowing how to speak more than one language produces a plus in the professional field, mainly in a hotel manager, this requirement is essential, since it implies being in constant interrelation with different audiences.

Here are the five benefits of speaking English for Hotel Management.

  1. Better communication with the client.

It is important to know English, and if possible, another language, since you should have telephone conversations with clients from different countries, where the only common language is usually English.

The greater the ease of communication generated with the client, the better your experience will be. In the case of the hotel manager, he can not only manage hotels and tourist agencies, but also bars and restaurants, for which he has constant interaction with tourists from different countries.

  1. For the role played.

Receive and understand useful information for the company, be present at international fairs and conferences, interact with suppliers and prepare documents for all kinds of public, are actions that if you handle English fluently you will not be presented any impediment / problem for the hotel Administration.

  1. Future work abroad.

It is very common that the hotel manager does not want to live his only work experiences in his country; That is why it is essential to know the second most spoken language in the world. English helps open many doors. Not only for the work and communication field, since it surely allows to get work faster; but because it will allow you to understand the different cultures of the countries you go.

  1. more self-confidence.

Learning a foreign language, in this case English, helps make better decisions. That is, it generates more self-confidence, since in order to be in charge of the company, one must always be sure of the actions. In addition, knowing this second language allows access to greater knowledge, in which, produces a point more in favor to build confidence and take risks.

  1. Benefit to the company.

If the hotel company manages English from the buttons to the manager, the tourist experience will be much more positive. The client will not have problems communicating when he needs something, since any employee has the ability to understand the request. The knowledge of the English language brings a greater benefit and helps improve the quality of service provided by the company, bringing back the tourist and his prompt recommendation of the place.   That is why it is important to look for a study center that offers a complete English course, so that it can help you develop all your goals in the professional field as well as in the personnel.