Segurity Advice In Laboratory

  1. You have to use glassware safety. Never use broken or chipped glassware.
  2. You have to use safety goggles. Always use a clam and tongs.
  3. You have to use safety goggles when you perform and experiment in which you must take precautions to protect your eyes and face  wearing safety goggles.
  4. You have to use single-edged razors, double edged razors are too dangerous.
  5. You must know: Never use long extension cords to plug in any electrical device.
  6. You must know when working whit animals, do not cause pain, discomfort, or injury.
  7. You must always maintain a clean work area, particulary when using a flame.
  8. You must know when are heating a test tube or bottle, always poin it away from you and others.
  9. You must know:Never touch or taste any chemical unless instructed to do so.
  10. You must know:Never cut any material toward you and always cut away from you