Public Relations and Marketing


Public relations are crucial when you want to publicize a product, change the image of a brand, create interest, stimulate demand, etc.

A correct comprehensive communication strategy includes the use of marketing tools and relationships, because both use almost all elements of communication such as: advertising, direct marketing, corporate marketing, design, sales promotions, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), among others.

The objective of marketing is to generate sales, while public relations are aimed at positioning each company or person moral to change the perception that exists. Although the main audience to attack public relations could be consumers, the spectrum of recipients of messages is usually extended to authorities and institutions, as well as opinion leaders, influencers and journalists.

There are 5 actions of public relations that will complement a digital marketing strategy.
1. Integrating a blog to the process of converting leads: Identify routes is part of the digital marketing strategy. Knowing how your customers entered to the site, what content they visited, or what was the last thing they saw and drove them to buy, is very useful.

2. To elaborate/ Develop a content strategy in your public relations actions: Define your products or services, their characteristics and needs they cover, as well as to your customers, is essential to generate your strategy content. It is the work of relationships to generate content value and original result of this plan.
3. Use your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account to contact and interact specifically with your market: In addition to publishing content or attracting traffic resulting from messages sent, in social networks you can interact with the end user directly and clearly, asking questions. The possibilities are endless depending on the type of social networks selected in your strategy.
4. Monitor email marketing openings and generate lists of links to actions: Decide to integrate the use of email marketing in your public relations strategy.

5. Execute your integrated actions to a CRM: The CRM is a powerful tool even for small businesses. It is common to hear experts in the use of digital tools say that CRM is for large companies, but CRM offers a real possibility to track customers, interact with the results of email marketing and social networks for all types of companies.