Feline love


I love cats. I couldn´t have one during my childhood and I think that this was the main reason why as soon as I became independent, and I could finally move out from my family home, I brought with me those hairy, loving, intuitive, sweet, restless and house-destroying little companions.


In this article I will detail some rare considerations, that very few people, even those who love cats, know and that make them amazing.


It is convenient to give our pet a name containing more than one syllable. The reason is that when you´re trying to train them (which you can, though it may be difficult) you use monosyllables, so they must distinguish monosyllabic words from those that aren´t.


If you see a three-colored cat, it is for sure a female cat. There are no three-colored male cats.


When your cat goes outside the litter box, CAREFUL! Something is wrong (either physically or psychologically).


They express love through slow blinking at their owners (they close and open their eyes abruptly, as a way of saying: “I love you”).


The cat in the wildlife does not distinguish between day time and night time (even more, they tend to hunt at night when their victims are more vulnerable). This makes that the kittens need to adapt to the human life and their schedules. Who hasn´t woken up with some little paws over their head at 6 am on a Sunday morning? This is the hour in which we usually wake up.


Unlike dogs, they don´t save food for after and they don´t eat remnants of past meals.


Grooming, of course, serves for hygiene but they also do it to thermoregulate its temperature body (since they don´t sweat). When grooming occurs from one cat to another, it is a way of bonding and “feeling like family».


If you have two cats, it is optimal to have at least three litter boxes: they love to have options.


Cats are not interested in pleasing you, dogs are (thats why it´s so difficult to train them).


Can a dog and a cat live together? Yes, they can. It depends on the dog. Cats don´t need them.


Whiskers are nerve endings and help them orient themselves.


They perceive high-pitched sounds better than low-pitched sounds (that´s the reason why they like female voices the most) and they are cacophonic (if you have a cat named “Dalila” and say out loud «Marina», it will respond in the same way).


They can jump seven times its height and they can see six times more in the dark than a human eye.


The purr of a cat lowers our stress. It ranges from 20 to 240 Hz. (the human ear can hear frequency bands ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz).


A lot of «rarities» exist in the cat world, as many as the immense love we the AILUROPHILES (cat lovers) have for them.


I leave you a photo so you can love her as much as I do.